hibiscus Testimonials from Speaking Engagements

Recent speaking engagements and client testimonials are visible at my LinkedIn profile here. A select few are below.
Partial client list of universities, corporations, school districts, public libraries, and professional associations served is here
Testimonials related to my work as a military veteran and award-winning author of the Captain Mama series are here and for my book Latinnovating are here

A select few, favorite client testimonials follow...

Universities and Community Colleges
AUTHENTIC Personal Branding at Student Veteran Centers
“Graciela, I have the job and I start in August with Intel! Thanks again for the help. Speaking with you really did help me get this job. I read out loud the ways to describe myself and they loved it. People need to hear you! No way you can nail your dream company without the info on branding you teach.” – R. Zarate, student veteran, Class of 2021, Portland State University
"Thank you for the help in crafting my personal brand. The process seems so easy now when before it felt very overwhelming." - M. Chang, student veteran, Univ. of Rhode Island
"We were so fortunate to have you dedicate your time to our Pacific Northwest Regional Student Veterans Conference held at the University of Idaho. Your seminars on personal branding for our veteran students were exceptional and all of us that were able to attend came out more confident and skilled in selling ourselves. I appreciate your personal approach with each participant and wouldn't hesitate serving as a reference for anyone looking to invite you to one of their events." - Jason Nierman, Director, Military and Veteran Services at University of Idaho
“Graciela blew our students out of the water! Her workshop was very valuable and she engaged everyone individually. This allowed each participant to truly become involved, ask many questions and learn from her. Graciela’s techniques of engaging students was very effective and fun. Students left with a clear understanding about how to market themselves in order to go out into the workforce, start a business or apply to graduate schools.” —Daliana Rivera, Student Veteran Program, Towson University, Baltimore, Maryland

“Graciela showed us that our skills learned in the military can be repackaged to help showcase our talents. She showed us how to broadcast our skills to others by networking and branding ourselves. Most importantly, she gave us the confidence and knowledge to broadcast our talents to form our own brand.”  —Chris Powell, Veteran, Towson University Student, Baltimore, Maryland

“Graciela is extremely personable and possesses a wealth of knowledge. I wish there were more veterans like her with the skills of public speaking to reach out as she does.” —Kevin Morgan, Veteran, Towson University Student
Keynotes and Lectures 
"Graciela spoke to the hearts and minds of entrepreneurship students in a way that made a lasting connection. She brought to life the fundamental connection students have to innovation and entrepreneurship in the Latino community. A thoroughly enjoyable and informative talk!"
—Dr. Angela Young, Chair and Professor, Management Department, Editor, JBA, College of Business and Economics, California State University, Los Angeles, Business Pitch Contest Keynote presentation
"As an educator whose population of students draws heavily from underrepresented groups, it was particularly gratifying to me to see how well Graciela connected with my young adult students. She promoted exploration of the STEM fields, modeled the virtue of perseverance, and challenged narratives of low-expectations. I strongly recommend Graciela as an ambassador of “grit” and authentic witness to the power of learning. - Layli S. Liss, Instructor/Program Chair, Reading & Study Skills, Chemeketa Community College
"Your lecture was both inspiring and entertaining. What I loved most about the stories was the incredible breadth of experiences and knowledge of these innovative successes. Frequently, there isn't one set path that an individual can take; your stories appropriately illustrate different career journeys (including your own). Thank you so much for your work, and I wish you continued success."—LaTonya Henry, Assistant Director Career Services, Texas State University-San Marcos

“You were exactly what we were hoping for in a distinguished lecturer and what you shared with the students exceeded our expectations! I know the students learned a lot of valuable lessons through your interactive presentation and remarkable stories about sustainable businesses started by Latinos. It was very special to have you speak about your book, the Latino community and what a difference these business owners have made in our world. It is an area of business that should have more attention. I am glad you could come speak to the students and the San Marcos community to help open their eyes to something new and exciting.” —Arin Ely, Student Development Coordinator & Academic AdvisorMcCoy College of Business Administration, Texas State University-San Marcos
"Graciela’s keynote address at our MESA graduation at San Jose State was exactly what our graduates needed to hear: a series of STEM success stories across a variety of industries, from communities of color. Her presentation included case studies of Latinos and Latinas profiled in her award-winning Latinnovating book and from her professional network too. That the presentation was delivered by a Berkeley-educated Latina who once flew onboard military airplanes as an aviator, was the cherry on top. I highly recommend her for events where you want your audience to leave informed, inspired and knowing that America’s so-called minorities hold America’s future in their very capable hands." -Christina Ramos, Director MESA Schools Program, San Jose State University
"For those of you lucky enough to host Graciela in person on your campus, let me assure you that she is a remarkably polished speaker who knows exactly how to connect with students of all backgrounds and abilities -- because she was very much "in their shoes" once herself. They can sense it and respect it and learn from it in a dozen different ways. After her lectures on my campus this term, dozens of students eagerly lined up with questions and comments and requests for advice; Graciela graciously spoke individually and in small groups with each one. Hers is a vision that can be shared by all." —Scott Lankford, Department of English, Foothill College, Foothill College Center for a Sustainable Future
“On behalf of Hewlett Packard, thank you for making our Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration such a outstanding event. We appreciate the time and creativity you invested to bring this to fruition. Your stories came together beautifully during the September webcast. I am hearing from employees, and you are inspiring people to think differently, ask questions and to become engaged. This was our shared vision, and you made it possible.”
—Ashley Houk, Search Marketing Manager, Global Marketing Communications, Hewlett-Packard Imaging & Printing Group
"I found your presentation regarding Latino entrepreneurship right on the mark and a compelling story. It's amazing how the media and politicians have cast a negative light over the entire Hispanic community in the US mostly due to the single issue of illegal immigration. The message that Latinos are a strong, vibrant and needed asset to the U.S. economy needs to be told and retold.” —Carl A. Fosco, Director HR Business Partner Services, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Omaha, Nebraska
"We all left the workshop with branding statements we could use immediately and we learned a repeatable process to create different, compelling personal branding statements for a variety of situations that may arise in the future." Liz Valadez, Strategic Initiatives, Workday, Inc

Teacher Conferences and Summits
"Graciela is a multi-faceted businesswoman, setting her sights on providing effective and efficient information with the target of promoting and enhancing the lives of Latinos in a global fashion.  Her journey takes her through education, as well, as she is determined to push through the myths of Latino children in education as English language learners.  Her support in San Antonio, Texas during the Dual Language Conference, held at Education Service Center-Region 20, inspired educators of all levels in the field as she made her vivid, authentic stories come to life through the many connections with participants she created during her presence.  Graciela’s keynote address, and later intimate gathering with educators, provided these educators with a newfound passion for teaching and reaching all English language learners.  Her numerous experiences and keen eye for learning and supplying her knowledge to others are guaranteed to promote a powerful punch in your program." - Clarissa Dovalina, M.Ed., Educational Specialist, Bilingual/ESL, Education Service Center Region 20, San Antonio, Texas

"True to the conference theme, “Embracing the Heart, Enriching the Mind,” Graciela Tiscareño-Sato touched hearts and minds in her keynote address at the Region 20 Dual Language Conference in San Antonio. Challenging teachers to reconsider their student expectations, Graciela related how she started school speaking no English and through the help of caring educators became an accomplished student, aviator, businesswoman, and author. Not only did Graciela inspire teachers to view their English Language Learners through a future lens, she also taught practical strategies for developing writing skills during a following break-out session. Through these conference presentations, Graciela rekindled passion and ignited a desire in many teachers to help their students become the leaders of tomorrow." - Marcy Voss, Boerne ISD Special Programs Coordinator, Boerne, Texas
School districts
"Graciela, the kids are still talking about your visit. One student went home with her book and made her mom sit down to look at it as soon as she walked in the door. We really appreciate the time you took to meet and talk to our students. My only regret is that we couldn’t get you to everyone in the school."—Ray Leonard, science teacher, Glasgow Middle School, Alexandria, Virginia 
“Graciela captured the hearts and minds of the people attending our event. Her compelling story, filled with triumph over challenges, moved the audience to tears, laughter and knowing nods of their heads. Few speakers have the ability to connect with an audience as well as Graciela – who teaches leadership through her stories and her accomplishments. Her warmth, wit and grace made her so approachable that after she spoke, she was swarmed by people wanting to continue the conversation which Graciela gladly did!” —Cynthia L. Murray, President & CEO, North Bay Leadership Council, Novato, CA
“By Ms. Tiscareno-Sato’s accessibility, relevancy, and ability to inspire, she proved an exceptional commencement speaker for the Silicon Valley Adult Education’s adult graduates. Her willingness to connect and follow-up with graduates was an outstanding offer to which students responded at the book-signing and in conversations.” —Susan A. Glass, Principal, Silicon Valley Adult Education
Keynote at Community Event for Experimental Aircraft Association 663 in Livermore, CA
“I just wanted to take a moment and tell you that my wife and I really enjoyed your presentation last night at the Experimental Aircraft Association dinner. I had a chance to talk to the members last night as we were cleaning up; they all said they really enjoyed your talk. My favorite part of your talk? It was the combination of your story of your Air Force ROTC aviation experiences at Cal, your family being there at your Commissioning and being so proud of you, that the Air Force at that time couldn’t put you in a combat role upon graduation from flight training…Maybe most of all, I enjoyed the amazing story about your daughter. I find that part very inspirational, that she is doing so well and is proficient in Braille. My wife knows the superintendent of the school district here and is planning on contacting her to tell her about your involvement with education. Thank you.” Mark Palajac, Treasurer, Experimental Aircraft Association 663, Livermore, CA