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"I had the privilege of attending one of Graciela's, webinars "How to Create and Market Award-winning, Bilingual Children's Books". The experience was educational and she over-delivered. Her knowledge in the publishing world and her overall grasp of the process and strategic execution for publishing books is vast. The amount of content she went over with everyone who attended was of high quality and detailed. I highly recommend anyone wanting to learn about how to publish award-winning books to take this webinar. I'm also looking forward to implementing everything I learned." - Adriana Rosales, Author, Forbes Coaches Council & Resilience Coach - as seen on Recommendation she wrote on my profile 


Are you an aspiring author of children's books? Bilingual children's books?

Nonfiction books to share your expertise?

Need to decide if you want to seek a publisher versus becoming one? 

I can help you both birth your book and launch it into targeted markets of buyers that care.  

Step 1 for aspiring children's author is to watch this webinar that provides DEEP insight into the process I've used to create, publish and market my first three books that collectively have won 11 literary awards and have been sold to school districts, libraries and parents in 41 of our 50 states.  It's over 2.5 hours of knowledge that's taken me nine years to acquire AND it includes answers on the top questions I get asked by aspiring authors. 

You can also contact me via the Contact tab to express interest in joining the next LIVE webinar via Zoom.  

webinar replay - How to Create and Market Award-winning Bilingual Children’s Books


When you're ready for private coaching to get unstuck, please click here and select the three-hour Birthing Your Book Coaching Program.  We'll start wherever you are and go!