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Helping parents and educators build excellent partnerships to benefit children with special needs

Please contact me if you suspect a learning disability or if your child has an IEP and you want to improve your advocacy skills. Never go to an IEP meeting alone again!

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What Parents are Saying About Learning and Using Their New-Found Advocacy Skills

“I just got out of my two-hour IEP meeting regarding speech and language services for my son. I want to let you know that and it went fantastically. I’m so happy with the results of this IEP meeting. I want to let you know that you absolutely paved the way for this success in insisting upon getting these formal assessments done. It really allowed everybody on the team to get a very comprehensive view of what was needed for my son. So he subsequently is now getting some fantastic services to support what he needs. He’s getting an hour a week now which is a dramatic increase from what he was getting and he’s getting it in the areas that are vital to him and his social well being. We all hugged practically at the end of the meeting. It was such a dramatic difference versus other IEP meetings. It was so much less contentious when the facts were spread out in front of everybody and we weren’t haggling over things that were ambiguous. Thank you Grace. I wanted to share this success with you.” Rachel Bradley

"School districts are not evil, but they will have a different agenda at your child’s IEP than you will. And as a parent, your agenda is to get a “Free and Appropriate Education” for your child, as the law states. Grace has helped me to learn how to do this. She is very knowledgeable, very accessible, and very helpful as a tutor for me as I develop the special education plan of my child. I have also used Grace as a private consultant with drawing up my child’s current IEP, something I wish I had begun doing two or three years ago. Don’t leave the direction of your child’s special education in the hands of your school district officials. They are good people who will never care as much about your child’s success as you will. Grace can help you take the mystery out of this process." –Kris--