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"Grace, As you know, I am in the midst of collecting supporting information for all the claims in the value scenarios so the (sales) regions are confident using the claims in our direct marketing campaign. In the course of this task, I've spent probably 60 hours searching for and reading analyst reports, white papers, presentations and customer case studies. And once again, I find myself uniquely grateful for the quality, professionalism and globality of your work. Everything you do is well researched, with legitimate attribution of data sources and you consistently cite examples, costs and data facts from around the world. No one comes close to the complete picture of quality you consistently deliver. Your work is consistently clear, credible and global and I can easily leverage it for discussions with my partners in any region. You make it easy to believe our story. You make it easy to use your work in my work. Your name is my new favorite search keyword in BeFirst (internal SEN global sales/marketing portal). I just wanted you to know once again, I think you are standard bearer for great marketing deliverables. Thank you!"

Tressa Brophy, Director, Installed Base Marketing Programs, Global Marketing and Communication, Siemens Enterprise Networks (SEN)


"Graciela's writing has impressed me at a number of levels. She always manages to capture the passion and enthusiam of her subjects (or the subject matter) in a clear, effective manner. Her copy comes in clean, with little to no need for editing. Her sources are well identified and she makes the follow-up and fact-checking processes easy. She has a commitment to make sure that each article is all it can be and has always made herself available for follow up questions. She goes the extra mile to get "it" right. The [Hispanic MBA] magazine's general readership has responded positively to Graciela's articles. As important, the association whose magazine her articles appear in, regularly comments on the quality of her work.

We look forward to having Graciela do more articles in the future. Her work is creative, yet disciplined, and we can rely on her to do a good job, within budget and by the agreed-upon deadlines."

Bruce Matzner, Publisher, Hispanic MBA Magazine